Technology is our kingdom.

At Reign, we empower your transformation by the ideation, design, and development of web and mobile applications.
001Our Clients

We work with blue-chip companies; only monarchs of their industries!

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  • Logo Tigo
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  • Logo Bupa
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002Our Services

Reign's agile model creates a dynamic workflow that ensures quality, speed and robustness.

  • icon-project-manager-colorProject ManagementOur Scrum Masters and Project Managers lead our cells working with JIRA. We communicate through Slack and connect with remote cell members and clients via Meet.
  • icon-infrastructure-colorCloud-Based InfrastructureWe rely on the Well-Architected principle consisting of 5 pillars: Operational excellence, Safety, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization.
  • icon-frontend-colorFrontendWe craft user experiences, under PWA standards, with Javascript and its community top used frameworks. We use Angular, React and Vue. Server Side Rendering with NextJS and Gatsby.
  • icon-qa-colorTestingWe care a lot about QA: we use Unit, Integration and E2E automatic tests, with a special team working on manual tests.
  • icon-backend-colorBackendWe use Javascript and NodeJS with Express, also Python and Go. We love non-relational databases like Mongo or Redis, and we use Postgres for relational.
  • icon-mobile-colorMobile DevelopmentFor Android we use Kotlin. For iOS we use Swift. For hybrid solutions, we use Ionic or React Native.
  • icon-ux-design-colorUX DesignStorytelling is king! We use low-density structures and we prototype through wireframes as soon as we begin projects, to keep a neat thread of the story.
  • icon-ui-design-colorUI DesignAtomic design is our keystone. It allows us to build interfaces in detail and at the same time facilitates the process of updating and executing.
003Our Method

Our crew builds with the stack that best suits you.

  • TrebuchetLaunch faster and further
  • FasterLightning speed sites and apps
  • ConversionOptimized conversion rates
  • APIsGeared for APIs
  • ModularReusable and Flexible Modelling
  • ReplicateScalable and Governable
004Our partners

We work with really cool partners.

  • Contentful LogoContentfulWe are Gold Partners of Contenful relying on JAMStack solutions. Content teams scale and iterate faster, improving omnichannel strategy.
  • Logo AlgoliaAlgoliaThe #1 Search-as-a-Service that enables teams to easily develop tailored, fast searches and discovery experiences that delight and convert.
  • elasticpath LogoElastic PathLeaders in Composable, API-First, Headless Commerce.
  • BigCommerce LogoBigCommerceA flexible, open SaaS platform leading a new era of ecommerce. Explore limitless possibilities to Build, Innovate and Grow.
  • Commercelayer LogoCommerce LayerAn API-first commerce platform that lets you add global shopping capabilities to any website, mobile app, chatbot, or IoT device, with ease. Built for the JAMStack!
  • Insider blanco shortInsiderWe help marketers drive growth through our AI-backed tech by delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences across different channels.
  • Reblaze LogoReblazeWeb security for the cloud: Reblaze deploys in minutes and works as an additional security layer on top of your existing solutions.
  • Netlify LogoNetlifyEverything you need for continuous deployment, serverless functions, and so much more. Deploy 10x faster!
  • mixpanel-m-logoMixpanelWe analyze, measure, and improve your customer experience with Mixpanel. Over and over again.
  • GCP LogoGoogle Cloud PlatformWe are Google Cloud Platform Partners!
  • aws--fondo-oscuroAmazon Web ServicesAnd AWS Partners too!
005Work with us

Join our kingdom.

Reign is an approachable, smart and international team of people who love developing apps and web solutions.

Reign was founded by designers and developers, so we created a work environment to suit you: plenty of quiet spaces to work, free coffee and snacks, and access to the latest devices to tinker with. Our processes are agile, avoiding unnecessary meetings. We run regular tutorials on exciting programming, managing and design topics.icon-joinJoin our team

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